Rice Water Challenge

This is a two-month challenge that begins on December 1, 2018 and ends February 1, 2019. See my blog post about the science behind how rice water works for hair growth. Some of the benefits we expect to see during this challenge include, increased hair growth, stronger, shinier strands, and increased elasticity.

The Rules of this challenge are as follows:

1.      Post starting pictures- feel free to include not only length but texture or state that your hair is in. I recommend that if your ends are split to trim your hair before the challenge begins.

2.      We will be using rice water during every wash day, whether it is used as a pre-poo, shampoo, or final rinse. You can use any recipe found online, just let us know which recipe in the comment section. I recommend washing your hair every 7-10 days ensuring that during this 2-month period you have used rice water at minimum 6 times.

3.      Around the beginning of January, we will check-in and answer any questions or concerns you may be having.

4.      At the end of the challenge we will post our results.

Recipe for Fermented rice water I will be using:

1.      One cup of rice: rinse first to remove impurities.

2.      Once rinsed, soak in two cups of warm water and cover for a minimum of 30 minutes.

3.      Strain the rice and extract the water into a glass jar and keep it covered.

4.      Leave it alone for 2-3 day at room temperature until it starts to smell sour.

5.      Once ready, add a few drops (5-6) of essential oils and store in the fridge.

6.      Before use dilute rice water- 1 cup of rice water to 2 cups of water.

Happy, healthy hair growing to everyone. See you in the comment section.


Final Results

Now that the two- month Rice Water challenge is over these are my final thoughts on using rice water.


I used the fermented rice water recipe in my earlier post and always used an essential oil blend (peppermint, lavender, and rosemary) before use.

My hair responded better to rice water when I applied it as a pre-poo or when mixed in my clay treatment, anything that was done before my deep conditioner. As a final rinse, I found that it was not smoothing enough on my hair for styling. One of my favorite recipes I used that made my hair feel soft and nourished was mixing rice water with Rhassoul Clay and Amla powder. Check out my results below if you missed the video

Many were worried about using rice water in their hair weekly because of protein sensitivity. I did not find this to be the case because the protein in rice water is minimal and I always followed up with a deep conditioning treatment. Therefore, I would recommend if you have protein sensitive hair, to use rice water as a pre-poo or mixed with your shampoo and follow up with your deep conditioner as your final step before moisturizing.

Many of you asked about using rice water as a daily spritz, I recommended against doing this because the rice water is fermented and can cause bacterial growth if a preservative is not added. Additionally, inositol, the active ingredient, stays in your hair long after you rinse it out. So daily spritzing seems to be redundant since the inositol is long lasting.

What results have I noticed besides length retention?

I noticed that my hair is stronger and is shedding less. As someone with fine strands, building strong hair is important to retaining length. So the addition of weekly rice water treatments has really benefited my hair. Does it completely replace my protein treatment? No. But it definitely aids in me retaining length.

Will I continue to use rice water in my regimen? If so, how often.

I will continue to use rice water weekly or biweekly in my regimen. I honestly feel bad about how much rice I’ve thrown away while using this challenge, so unless I can figure out what to do with the rice, I will try not to be as wasteful as before by making smaller batches or using biweekly.

How did you fare in this rice water challenge? Would you like me to continue tracking my progress over the next few months?